Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Hoss Intropia Favorites

Hoss Intropia is definitely one of my favorite brands since some years now. They have an awesome mix of modern cloth with an ethno- vintage touch. And they take fair trade and fair production seriously. And that's so me! I own only 3 smashing pieces so far, but hope there'll be more in my closet soon! 

The Hoss Intropia online shop is doing a sweepstake together with bloglovin' and asks blogger to choose their favorite outfit. Well, that was a challenge for me! I love so many items from this brand!

But as there will be more weddings this summer I thought about a new outfit for the next one.

5. Lace Detail Shorts

Hmm, if I win, I think, I probably can't wait until the next wedding and might wear it on my birthday...

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