Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Tansy Flower Essence

Bachflowers have helped me amazingly during my psychological therapy. They supported my progress in becoming a happy and positive thinking woman again. Since then they helped against fear, love sick, heart pain, in matters of shock or shyness, in matters of holding the border between me and others, which has been my huge problem since I was young. I came over the cruel deads of two of my friends in 3 years without huge shocks, I learned how to talk more directly to others about their faults, I don't hide my feelings anymore... I cut a line early enough if someone new in my life is too much in trouble, as I know this will make take too much of my energy again. That's all the awesome effect of the therapy I did, but the Flower Essences helped me a lot to make it this fast and I'm pretty sure also to change me so substantial. Everyone can see the change. I'm much more emotional and I take myself a timeout even from friends, if they take too much from me.
But one thing, I'm still dealing with becomes my big problem since I'm Happy Hanna, I've lost all my discipline. I haven't been a very disciplined person before, just fairly disciplined. And always enough to keep everything in order. Now I'm living a happy life, but I don't make any progress because my huge lack of discipline. If I would go on a world trip now I would pack the night before and search for my passport until morning. I probably wouldn't have bought my ticket before and buying it at the airport just 2 hours before the flight would take half of my budget... My lack of discipline cost me stress, because I'm often in a hurry and cost me money, money that I don't have at all! Beside that, it might cost my professional future for some reason. I need to do my last exam soon... I was searching around for other flower essences and one day I found Tansy from FES's Quintessentials line of North American Essences. It's said, this essence could help against "lethargy, procrastination, inability to take straightforward action; habits which undermine or subvert real abilities and talents" and will lead to a "decisive and goal-oriented, purposeful in action, self-directed mastery and achievement" being. I have found another source which told me that the negative Indication of Tansy came from a huge shock and destabilization. Well, this is exactly what happened to me before I got my burnout. I took Tansy and something really interesting happened, I got two pimples like from pocks while taking the essence and this even left two quite deep scars. This essence was going deep for sure. I also dreamed some weeks connected to my trauma, but I couldn't see any huge change in my procrastination problem... Yes, I think, I did a bit more... just because I did not feel so tired anymore. But it general it didn't change a lot.

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Hello Handmade !

Letztes Wochenende holte mich ein Anruf meiner Freundin jäh aus dem trüben Licht meines Arbeitszimmers. Hello Handmade rief. Ach ja, das hatte ich ja fast vergessen! Ein Markt für handgemachtes im Hamburger Theater Kampnagel fand zum zweiten Mal statt. 3 Euro Eintritt und nicht ganz so lange Schlangen wie im letzten Jahr. Dafür immer noch etwas Geboxe vor den Ständen um sehr schöne Dinge von kleinen Labeln - die meisten davon mit Humor.
Der Imbiss vom Kampnagel Kasino war auch lecker.
Last weekend a call by my friend was pulling me out of my office room. Hello Handmade was calling. I almost forgot! A market for handmade in Hamburg theatre Kampnagel was taking place for it's second time. 3 Euros entrance fee and not so long cues in front of the doors like last year. But still crowds in front of the booths. Beautiful small things by small labels - most of them blessed with humor. 
I liked the food by Kampnagel Kasino as well.

Fündig geworden bin ich für den Herrn der Schöpfung bei Small Caps, einer Letterpress-Druckerin aus Berlin
Found something for my man at Small Caps, a Berlin based letterpress- woman
Beer Notes by Small Caps

Und diese Herbstgrüße von Alinea fliegen gerade zu einer lieben Freundin nach Japan:
And this Fall greetings by Alinea are on their flight to a dear friend in Japan:

Postcard by Alinea

Kalender für 2012 gab es viele, aber so schön wie dieser hier war keiner. Ist bestellt und wird gespannt erwartet.
There have been a lot of Planners for 2012, but I couldn't find one more beautiful than this. It's ordered and waited for impatiently.

Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Strength for my man!

My man needs some strength, me, too, actually, but that's a different story. I'm not only supporting him because I love him. I also do, because I'm feared to loose him if he doesn't have the strength to fight for us. I believe that symbols make us feel stronger and when I saw this T-Shirt from AnLiStudio on Etsy I had to buy it. I hope, he feels the strength... (An Li was very helpful and replied fast to all my questions regarding the size. The T-Shirt came fast and fits perfect! The screen printed eagle is just as beautiful in real, as you see it on the photo!)

Screen printed Eagle T-Shirt, handmade by AnLiStudio on Etsy
Mein Partner braucht Stärke. Ich auch, eigentlich, aber das ist eine andere Geschichte. Ich unterstütze ihn nicht nur weil ich ihn liebe, sondern auch weil ich Angst habe ihn zu verlieren, wenn er nicht die Stärke hat für uns zu kämpfen... Ich glaube an die Kraft von Symbolen und als ich dieses T-Shirt von AnLiStudio auf Etsy sah, musste ich es einfach kaufen... (An Li hat alle meine Emails schnelle beantwortet und das T-Shirt kam schnell in Deutschland an und passt perfekt! Der Siebdruck- Adler sieht in echt genauso schön aus, wie auf dem Foto!)

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Hmmm... where is this gonna going?

Hmmm, ich habe dieses Blog als emotionales Tagebuch begonnen, dann hat mich das Heilsteine-Fieber gepackt und seit ein paar Tagen poste ich fast nur noch über Design! Wunderst Du Dich, wo die Reise gerade hingeht? Ich mich schon ein wenig... Ich denke, dass ich einfach die Themen behandle, die ich gerade für mitteilunsgwürdig befinde. Vielleicht wird das Blog dadurch sogar interessanter, weil vielseitige?

Hm, I started this blog as an emotional diary, then I was so excited about healing stones, and lately I talk a lot about design! Are you wondering where this go to? I have to say, I do! But I think it's best to just write about what I think it worth to read. Maybe this blog get's more interesting this way!

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Window shopping ...

Svpply collection of beautiful things at

Schon lange kenne ich, aber man bekam nur mit Einladung einen Account. Nachdem ich noch nicht mal Blog, Twitter, Facebook oder sonst was genutzt habe, also keine Chance. Svpply ist ein visuelles Bookmarking Board, wie auch Pinterest. Mit gefällt es aber viel besser. Ich finde es einfach ästhetisch ansprechender.
Vor ein paar Tagen war ich mal wieder dort, die Frontpage anschauen. Und siehe da, der Beta-Status ist beendet und die Seite ist nun offen für alle. Allerdings braucht man wohl entweder Twitter oder Facebook um sich anzumelden. Deshalb findet ihr mich jetzt auch bei Twitter. Weil ich schon mal als Job professionell getwittert habe, kann ich mir aber momentan gar nicht vorstellen, dass ich das nun privat auch mache. Aber vielleicht gewinne ich ja darüber ein paar Blog-Leser? Einsam schreibt es sich zwar auch ganz gut, aber ein Murmeltier bin ich nicht.
Also, aktuell bin ich auf der Suche nach einem schönen Kalender alias Tagesplaner für 2012 (- oder soll es doch ein Wochenplaner sein?) Wie ihr seht, habe ich beim Window Shopping aber noch ganz schön viele andere schöne Sachen gefunden.

Svpply collection of beautiful things at

For a long time I know, but one got only an account with invitation. Difficult for me who didn't have a blog, and don't use facebook and twitter.  Svpply is a visual Bookmarking Board, like Pinterest. However, I like it much better. I think it's aesthetically more attractive. 
A few days ago I was once more there to look at the front page and realized, the beta status is finished and now the side is open for everybody. Indeed, one probably needs either Twitter or Facebook to get an account. Therefore, you find me now on Twitter... Because I already twittered as a job professionally, I cannot imagine to use it privately now, but we'll see. And who knows I win a few Blog readers? Lonely writing credits itself, but I am not a groundhog. 
Currently I am in search of a nice calendar aka day planner for 2012 (- or should be a weekly planner?) Like you see, I have found some other nice things window shopping over there...

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

Art... a fox

Browsing Etsy today and found this

Red Fox with Teal Background giclee art print by red tile studio

Maybe I'll buy for my friend.