Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Tansy Flower Essence

Bachflowers have helped me amazingly during my psychological therapy. They supported my progress in becoming a happy and positive thinking woman again. Since then they helped against fear, love sick, heart pain, in matters of shock or shyness, in matters of holding the border between me and others, which has been my huge problem since I was young. I came over the cruel deads of two of my friends in 3 years without huge shocks, I learned how to talk more directly to others about their faults, I don't hide my feelings anymore... I cut a line early enough if someone new in my life is too much in trouble, as I know this will make take too much of my energy again. That's all the awesome effect of the therapy I did, but the Flower Essences helped me a lot to make it this fast and I'm pretty sure also to change me so substantial. Everyone can see the change. I'm much more emotional and I take myself a timeout even from friends, if they take too much from me.
But one thing, I'm still dealing with becomes my big problem since I'm Happy Hanna, I've lost all my discipline. I haven't been a very disciplined person before, just fairly disciplined. And always enough to keep everything in order. Now I'm living a happy life, but I don't make any progress because my huge lack of discipline. If I would go on a world trip now I would pack the night before and search for my passport until morning. I probably wouldn't have bought my ticket before and buying it at the airport just 2 hours before the flight would take half of my budget... My lack of discipline cost me stress, because I'm often in a hurry and cost me money, money that I don't have at all! Beside that, it might cost my professional future for some reason. I need to do my last exam soon... I was searching around for other flower essences and one day I found Tansy from FES's Quintessentials line of North American Essences. It's said, this essence could help against "lethargy, procrastination, inability to take straightforward action; habits which undermine or subvert real abilities and talents" and will lead to a "decisive and goal-oriented, purposeful in action, self-directed mastery and achievement" being. I have found another source which told me that the negative Indication of Tansy came from a huge shock and destabilization. Well, this is exactly what happened to me before I got my burnout. I took Tansy and something really interesting happened, I got two pimples like from pocks while taking the essence and this even left two quite deep scars. This essence was going deep for sure. I also dreamed some weeks connected to my trauma, but I couldn't see any huge change in my procrastination problem... Yes, I think, I did a bit more... just because I did not feel so tired anymore. But it general it didn't change a lot.

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