Freitag, 5. August 2011


crocheted stones by craftymissusD

If you would have told me 6 weeks ago, that stones have healing vibes someone, I would have answered you a stone is a stone is a stone.
I'm that kind of critical person... not an easy believer having a logical approach to anything, although I'm a sensitive soul. - I guess, that's what makes me being a good friend.
Life has teach me to be a bit more open for what somethings scientists currently can't explain. Namely I'm taking Bach Flowers since some years again and again. I started in my biggest life crisis... in which I think I didn't get because I'm a weak soul or so... I stuck, because what happened was more than worst case. Something without explanation, something which needs all my power for almost two years. Yes, all my power. I'm a loving soul. That's why I gave all my power and even didn't realize that's too much.
I'm strong again, and I could feel how the Bach Flowers helped me going through a psychological therapy fast. They let me go out of the deepest burnout depression in short time, and I could start working on what I have to do to gain my strength again.
But now stones? Well, you know I had this backflashs four weeks ago. Very bad ones. I felt like my burnout is suddenly not over, like paralyzed. And I can tell you, I hate this feeling! And it's making me so sad! I really don't wanna experience it again!
This backflashs feelings let me feel, that I lie to myself, that I'm currently not over anything! And I was thinking about everything I still don't do or can't do, even if I should.
I wanna be the old Hanna, men! I used to be able to stand a storm hugging all around me to make the feel safe. And now? Still not back to normal? Yes, I do my job, yes I can overcome with all those little and bigger crisis in life. But still, I didn't get my discipline back. I don't feel, I do everything necessary. Somehow all my progress in the last years, made me enjoy life whatever comes by... I just take some things not so serious, actually they are!
I was looking for the right flower essences and discussed them in a German forum. Once again, I talk about my lack of discipline. I didn't have this before my huge burnout... I made such a good progress through the psychological therapy, I would even say, I've never enjoyed life like I do now... But, this life needs some discipline to be successful! I wanna be able to look after myself! Okay, so I was talking about this topic in the forum and one of the nice members there told me, if you feel you have a lack of energy try to use a Carnelian. Some days, I was already a bit into action, I think with the help of the flower essences and also my logical brain, but still felt a lot of tiredness even on daytime. Coffee didn't work well to wake me up, I was coming along a shop selling minerals. You would have never ever seen me having a look at those minerals before. I just don't really think they look good unless they are made into nice jewelry... So, I went in and asked for the Cornelian. It turns out it's a cheap stone and I just bought it. I felt a bit ashamed to buy a stone for 80 Cents only, so I just took blue Chalcedony for 1.10, too, just because I liked the color and the shape. And I put them into my jeans pockets as told by my friend in the forum...

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