Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

How old were you when you lost virginity?

This question appeared on Twitter today and I have to admit, sex sells, even to me, and so does virginity. It was Joanna Goddard who asked the audience. (Do you know her blog A cup of Jo? It is definitely one of the blogs with the most readership on earth.) I'm European, I don't have a problem with being naked on a beach, but I would definitely have a problem being asked such a question in public! Well, I just had to check back. Seems that I'm the only one! Almost 250 people have answered the question till now! And yes, I admit, I was really curios about their answers. Unbelievable, but a lot of them have waited until their wedding night! I guess, that's unbelievable for me, because I'm European, too. No, it's not, that I don't believe some orthodox religious people here around do so. I know there are. I also know there are woman in Islamic surroundings get a surgery to get their "virginity" back, and no, that doesn't always happen because they might get killed if they have lost it before their wedding night, but in some cultures the woman would simply be more honored if she's still a virgin and decides to be one in the eyes of her future husband.
Then there was this link to another article on the blog asking Would you wait kiss until your wedding day? My surprise changed into some deeper thoughts. It's still too late anyway, but I probably would have done when I look back. The point is, you (and me) can have an O... with yourself, but you can't kiss with yourself!  (Well, I'm close to 40 now and still not married, so it's good that I didn't wait. Unbelievable if I would still be unkissed!)

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