Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Anthropologie magic

I studied cultural anthropology, but and it's magic to learn about cultures, foreign and own and start to understand what why things here and there are like they are! But today I'm talking about another kind of passion. I love fashion, but as I told here before, I'm quite picky about good, outstanding materials and I also try to buy fair and from the producer. Which for the last month meant, that I asked my mom to knit me a jumper I really needed. (Will show this, if I have a photo of it!)
My budget is tight, but I have saved some money over the last months, because I only spend some on healing crystals but almost nothing on cloths. Since a month or so, I feel that a lot of my cloth are so crappy, because I just wear them too long already. That's not a good feeling... I need to have some new stuff in my closet. One thingy is probably not enough... and with an actually bad feeling, because I really wanna buy fair, I went to Zara, H&M, Esprit and Benetton again, because I desperately need some stuff. But it turns out I couldn't find anything I want! They are all on a low quality material road. But then I ended up at Anthroloplogie and found some stuff. Shipping to Germany was a fortune, but at least it's not boring me, I thought.

I bought the tunica on the left and the jacket on the right. I would have probably bought the dress, too, if they would have it. As you see I need colors! And I just had to throw away my most beloved tunica ever with a orange brown retro pattern.
So, this was my first purchase at Anthropologie. I've filled my cart there several times before, but wasn't sure because of shipping to Germany.

Well, today the package arrived! The cloths have been wrapped into nice patterned paper. I opened it and tried. The jacket fits great! The lilac is not so lilac actually but it still looks good on me, I think. Although I'm pretty sure my boyfriend will not like it, hmmm. Then the tunica - so nice material, light wool - but, o gosh, it's so huge!
I bought a 14, but I think 10 would have been large enough.

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